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    I signed up to volunteer for DewMore Baltimore. Join me!

    Become a volunteer

    The first step to being a DewMore volunteer is  to be an audience member at one of youth poetry events. Our  community of young performers need good audiences so they can develop their craft and hone their message. 

    Many people go from audience member to more active volunteering like serving as board member or on a committee, being a judge or timekeeper at a poetry event, or hosting a house party and recruiting their friends and family. 

    Let us know if you are interested in being a volunteer below, and tell us what kind of volunteering you are interested in.

    Become a volunteer

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    Board of Directors

    Executive Committee
    Kenneth Morrison, President
    Dante Bishop, Vice President
    Julie Reeder, Treasurer
    Dana Polson, Secretary & Governance Committee Chair
    Chin-yer Wright, 
    Members of Board
    Andy Ellis, Fundraising Committee Chair
    Brion Gill, Programs Committee Chair
    Kenneth Brown, Member
    Nyilah Covington, Member
    Kairo Miles, Member
    Danielle Thomas, Member
    Derick Ebert, Youth Member
    Mecca Verdell, Youth Member





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    Maya Baraka Writers Institute

    The Maya-Baraka Writers Institute (MBWI) is a 5-week intensive summer writing program in Baltimore, MD dedicated to honoring the rebellious spirit of Amiri Baraka and the life-changing beauty of Maya Angelou. MBWI will hire 30 student writers to participate in a series of poetry workshops and cultural activities led by Baltimore artists. MBWI strives to increase knowledge of contemporary and historical poets, poetic devices, social issues and art movements. MBWI focuses on providing context to art as activism that is accessible and relevant for millennials.  MBWI students are paid a stipend of $1,500 to participate in the program. MBWI is a summer program of Dew More Baltimore in partnership with Youth Works and Coppin State University. Currently applications are now closed.


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  • DewMore Baltimore Youth Poetry League and Festival

     About DewMore Baltimore Youth Poetry League and Festival 

    The DewMore Baltimore Youth Poetry League and Festival (Formerly Louder Than a Bomb-Baltimore) The league and festival engage youth in middle schools, high schools and churches in the power of poetry. Poets receive monthly dynamic writing and performance workshops from acclaimed artists that will expose poets to complex concepts,  advanced vocabulary and critical analysis. The program creates a safe space for poets to explore who they are and where they are from on a local and national platform. Using slam a vehicle to self discovery, poets exercise the art of "truth-telling." With the support of the school's lead coach, a teaching artist and a community of writers,  every moment of development - from the page to stage -  is guaranteed to be a transformational experience. For more information about the program check out our program Summary.


    The  program:

    • creates a safe place for youth to discuss issues impacting them, their peers, their community

    • brings award winning professional artist to your school or church twice a month

    • allow students to build relationships with other students from around the region

    • make literacy and community engagement exciting

    • provide students a year-round platform to share their story and inspire thousands!

    • provide professional development for your school coach

    • assist in organizing incredibly powerful events at your school (up to 2)



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    Youth Poet Laureate




    The Youth Poet Laureate program appoints a youth from the age of 13-19 every year to represent Baltimore on a local and national platform. Every February, City Hall hosts 12 creative, honest and powerful youth voices to compete for the title of Baltimore's appointed Youth Poet Laureate. The Youth Poet Laureate will be responsible for being a youth ambassador of Baltimore's art and culture community as they speak, share, and build locally and nationally. The YPL will receive a $500 cash prize, a national book deal, an opportunity to represent Baltimore internationally, have their photo and poems placed in the window of the Enoch Pratt Library and will perform on a local Enoch Pratt Library Tour that will bring this powerful experience to the community.


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    Baltimore Youth Poetry Team



    The DewMore Baltimore  Youth Poetry Team  is a youth program that engages youth between the ages of 13-19 who live in or around Baltimore City who are passionate about writing, performing and advocating for change in their community. The team  is led by published authors and award winning professional writers. The team  is developed from the national best practices of Positive Youth Development and is dedicated to using poetry to develop youth’s emotional, cognitive, and social skills.

    The team is selected from a youth poetry slam held each year in April. The slam is open for registration in early May for all youth poets that are interested. The top 5 poets from this slam create the Baltimore  Youth Poetry Team. The team meets weekly upon being selected with the assigned coach. Every year, the program sends a group of talented youth poets to the largest international youth poetry slam festival, Brave New Voices.