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    Become a volunteer

    The first step to being a DewMore volunteer is  to be an audience member at one of youth poetry events. Our  community of young performers need good audiences so they can develop their craft and hone their message. 

    Many people go from audience member to more active volunteering like serving as board member or on a committee, being a judge or timekeeper at a poetry event, or hosting a house party and recruiting their friends and family. 

    Let us know if you are interested in being a volunteer below, and tell us what kind of volunteering you are interested in.

    Become a volunteer

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    About this charity

     About Dewmore



    Dew More Baltimore is a community-based-organization dedicated to using art and community organizing as tools to increase community engagement in the greater Baltimore Community.  We exist to address apathy in marginalized communities. We are supported by community members, educators, artists and people like you who believe in the power of community and the importance of youth voice.

    Our many programs amplify  voice while developing safe space, building writing skills and teaching youth how to advocate about issues that impact them on a daily basis. Dew More Baltimore develops Social Justice Poetry Clubs in middle schools, high schools, colleges, churches, prisons, group homes and more! We also develop Neighborhood Youth Councils in local communities.


    Untitled_design_(4).png The key to increasing civic engagement is ensuring people understand the relationship between community and individuals and consciously accept their role and responsibility in the relationship.

    DMB believes that civic engagement is the primary indicator for the overall wellness of any major city. It is the awareness and involvement of residents that ensures the major social institutions such as local government and public schools, which act as the major pillars in our society, are functioning at maximum efficiency. We believe poor voter turnout, poor parent involvement in schools, a declining participation in neighborhood associations, poor individual and merchant financial commitments to neighborhoods and an overall lack of community engagement is a major cause of the social deficiencies many nonprofits and city agencies are struggling to address.

    It is also DMB’s belief, that in order to re-engage residents in a manner that will produce outcomes that support the growth of a healthier city it will take an intentional creative process that develops necessary skill-sets and a civic consciousness while providing residents community friendly opportunities to support their neighborhood and become an engaged citizen.

    How we do it:

    • Research best practices for youth development

    • Partner with professional researchers to research the impact of art and community engagement on individuals and communities

    • Build working relationships with community based organizations, and citywide institutions

    • Building meaningful relationships with people by door to door, living room to living room, corner to corner community organizing

    • Recruiting volunteers and volunteers and more volunteers

    • Provide workshops, training, and programmatic support for community based organizations and institutions in the areas of: community organizing, youth leadership development, project management, and community engagement

    • Use publishing as a tool to increase resident voice and inform public policies

    • Through the implementation of youth leadership programs that have proven track records of increasing student involvement in schools and community over the long-term

    • Implementing out of school literary arts programs for youth to support their emotional, social, and cognitive development